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High Definition Tips for Media Professionals

A few notes about high definition

  • In general, hi def makeup is about less makeup more strategically applied.
  • Your effort and application time need to increase because the technology is so discerning.
  • Makeup routines need to be well thought out but not necessarily complicated.
  • Each of you has had or will have a video session with me. Review it and follow your regiment.
  • No cutting corners. Last minute makeup is a thing of the past.


  • Take care of your skin. Use skincare with active ingredients to refine and improve texture.
  • Wrinkle filler and/or retexturizing face primer are two products that will instantly soften lines and imperfections.
  • A foundation brush ensures a more flawless finish.
  • Remember to use concealer.
  • Avoid heavy powdering, use just enough to diminish shine.
  • Make sure eyebrows are makeup free.


  • Avoid frosted eye shadow, neutral matte works best.
  • Avoid heavy liner especially underneath. Try lining with medium to deep neutral shadow and a small brush.


  • Blush color is intensified by hi def.
  • Choose subtle shades. Color is applied to the “ apple” of the cheek, while neutral is used to contour.


  • Avoid bright color.
  • Avoid frosted lipstick.
  • Avoid super glossy.
  • Opt for subtle matte or creamy lipcolor.


  • Men be aware of 5 o’clock shadow and nose, ear and neck hair. It shows.
  • Women need to keep brows groomed – no brow stubble.
  • Tooth discoloration and dental work are much more apparent in hi def.
  • Ditto for roots if your hair is colored. A quick fix: eye shadow or mascara or hair color sticks (available at sally beauty supply).
  • Avoid obvious product like gels or formulas that create excessive shine.